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vision                           mission

Our mission is to support and participate in any effort made in accordance with laws, regulations, and code of ethics as well as manners and customs, for the purpose of improving and expanding the manufacturing business that plays the biggest role in development of India in this ever-changing worldwide business conditions, raising the required standards, and contributing to the economy with environmental consciousness.

● To be open to technological innovations, which are integral part of development and growth.

● To create our corporate values, which are understood, adopted and shared by all of our personnel, pursuant to our modern management mentality.

● To ensure the sense of total quality to keep the satisfaction of our staff, our dealers considered as our business partners, and our end consumers at the highest possible level.

● To adopt and implement customer-oriented marketing management approach and techniques, and to maintain business activities.

The ability to use leather made it possible to survive in the coldest regions of our planet and generally to make life more comfortable.

Social Compliance


We at aphrodite enterprises do not promote any involvement of child in any manner.

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